Sunday, 25 January 2015

THE HAZING OF TOM - by BreederFuckers


Tied naked with arms and legs spread, ball-gagged, back and arse flogged, hot wax poured on his sore bum, sadistic caning game, bastinado, arsehole fingered and fucked with dildo on stick, pissed on.
Feisty hetero Tom can't get it through his thick head that he is now our naked slut. What's needed are some wickedly cruel BDSM games to tame him and train his body to take whatever we want to dish out.

Since he's such a foul-mouthed fucker Dave stuffs a ball gag in his gob.

That sterling smooth tattooed back needs our mark. Dave administers multiple lashes to it and his sexy bum.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wait Till My Son Gets Home! Featuring Ben.


Wait Till My Son Gets Home! Featuring Ben 

Its seems that Ben has totally forgot about the curfew arrange with Dad but Dad has forgotten that a goos spanking is the order of the night! 

Ben goes over the knee for a good sound spanking...

......followed by trip over the couch for some extra punish,went with the belt! 

Video Clip


Friday, 23 January 2015

Rugby Spanking!


 Rhys thinks its only going to be a few taps on his backside but thats not going to happen! 

 Sir starts out with what he thinks is a few taps but soon finds out thats this spanking is not going to end anytime soon! 

His shorts are soon down revealing his naked bottom for some more humiliation. 

As if thats not enough Sir gets him bent over the chair for some action with a paddle which fits his bottom perfectly!

Video Clip