Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Scene from "Principal Wood & The Boys" by SPANKTHIS: Brock & Principal Wood

Prinipal Wood is having trouble with the boys in the school. They are constantly getting into detention. One afternoon he decides to take a step back and deal with the problem like the old days. 5 boys are there to meet his wrath and they learn a lot.
Brock & Principal Wood

Cast: TJ Wood, Brock Stenson

Principal Wood
 Brock Stenson

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Paul Pratt spanks Tristan Sommers - by SpankThis

The frathouse has never been the same since Paul Pratt arrived with plenty of punishment to go around to each of his fellow brothers. Feast your eyes on Paul as he puts a nice shade of red on these boy’s asses using just about anything around the house to spank what little diginity they had left out of them. This feature is sure to be one you'll have on repeat.


Paul Pratt

Tristan Sommers


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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Pervert Janitor


A Pervert Janitor

 2 Czech students Novacek and Pazout rebel against the perversions of the janitor, and take revenge against this with insults written on the front door.

But the reaction of the janitor with the complicity of the Headmaster, wil be very hard.


Brought to the Headmaster's Office, this chooses a whippy rattan cane from stock and order to the two scchoolboys to bend over.
Reluctantly the lads obey and receive a stinging batch of burning stripes across their backsides.

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