Monday, 2 January 2012

Anton: Redemption - by SPANKING CENTRAL

Anton suffers not just ritual, but painful penance with "The Rod" (in this case, a cane) after confessing his sins to the priest in the confessional!!



  1. forgiveness doesn't come easy Anton has one beautiful assthat needs to be tanned and it appears that what happens.

  2. The freakin' cane is bad- it has to be said. Anybody who can take the cane well is OK

  3. Our old man has a whippin' bench like this in our basement - think he got it outta school or a church - like Anton the bruvs and I go naked for a whippin'. No yelling or acting up allowed - I grunt after each stroke of whatever it is - the cane or the 3 tailed strap known as a tawse or whatever. Every so many he asks the question "Is this hard enough for you" and you're supposed to be quick to answer "No sir, harder sir". And he fuckin' does!! When we get it we just say "What the fuck" and get on with it!!!

  4. Just to add - there's no shit in our house - he has it beaten outta us!!