Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Chase: Hoisted and Spanked I & II - by SPANKING CENTRAL

"Chase: Hoisted and Spanked: I"
Chase is back, to continue this popular series in the Punishment Room.

"Chase: Hoisted & Spanked: II"
Chase returns to the Punishment Room for a round of stinging lashes with the 3-fingered leather strap.



  1. Loev me some Chase! A perfect body and face!

  2. There! That's what he gets for being mean to mommie! Ha, ha, ha...

  3. what a man, what a man! one I would like to know even if would prefer to wear his clothes on, what a body, what a face, he is sensitive, intelligent...

  4. Yeah - what a guy - the face says it all - got a whippin' just like this from the old man - that leather cat is hard to take - the strop might be worse - Chase real role model

  5. Old man whips me just like this the tawse/leathr cat etc. I bone up like steel spike - 11" and thick - I'm uncut but my skin pulls back easy to expose my throbbing head - it's in the old man's face an he whips harder 'cause he sees it as a sign of defiance!! He's fuckin' right!! Make my cock work for its keep but take care of it - fuck as often as I can, often more than once a night.

  6. I'm totally addicted to Chase. Make him take more and make more vids. He's the best reason to buy spanking videos. How do I get him in My dunbeon?