Wednesday, 15 February 2012

THE WOODSHED - WITH AIMAR - by Pangolin Holdings PLC


"Aimar gets the switch in the woodshed
Aimar is caught not working, he spanked OTK on his denims and it is realized that this is no good at all...he is sent off to cut a switch..he then gets a taste of that and that sorts him out a treat."

preview clip



  1. Boy, that is tough, to have to pick, and cut down a switch to be used on your own bare bottom. It looked like it really stung his bare bottom good, but to deal with a lazy youngman is to make him not want to sit down.
    HEE HEE!

  2. any strict dad who can really spank bare bottoms till very very red sore and swollen email me based uk genuine request from all strict men

  3. This reminds me of what happened when I was at my best friend's house. We were both 15 at the time. His father came out to the yard and started scolding my buddy for not finishing the chores he was supposed to have done. Then he grabbed my buddy by the collar and bent him over a lawn chair. I saw the look of panic in my buddy's eyes and tried to walk away but his dad ordered me to stay and watch. He pulled his pants and underwear down, and I watched as my friend took it on his bare ass. I thought it would never end. The sight of my friend's sore, red behind is still burned into my memory even though many years have passed.

    1. Man, I get the switch plus other stuff - the switch is hard to take!! It stripes u up real bad - my best friend is my cock - it bones up and stand with me through it all. Of course, it sees other action also - it's not a dog that is a man's bect friend - it's his dick!!