Saturday, 28 July 2012

DRAKE: The Dean of Discipline - by Spanking Central

The Dean of Discipline

After Drake gets hurt while skateboarding on school grounds, he then has to get paddled by the dean for skateboarding on school grounds.



  1. Do any of these guys actually cum when being spanked?, we need to see some erect cocks strainin and getting harder with every stroke, and then either cum or be wanked off.Not enough cock on show I think .

  2. Yeah. know what you mean - but in the real world where lads still get whippin's from their old man or step dad cocks start out hard and get harder esp. in teenage guys - I work at controlling how I handle the pain and the urge to cum - lost a load once at the end of 24 strokes of the cane!! Have had cp that oftne when the old man starts to lecture or faff about I wanna say "Fuck man, lets get it done - just gimme the pain"